Radio Station Software : Radio Traffic Software

Multi-station campaign plans can be entered manually or automatically imported via the AIMS Gateway. Campaigns are translated into individual airtime spots for scheduling and delivery by AIMS Radio Traffic Software. All revenue streams are prepared and presented for automated billing on a weekly or monthly basis.

Sophisticated scheduling algorithms ensure every client's contracted spot & audience delivery is achieved, yet simultaneously optimising the use of each station's inventory.

Our 'spot manager' facility allows authorised access to multiple stations' advertisement logs, where campaigns can be managed on a day-to-day basis, ensuring all booked revenue is delivered or otherwise accounted for.

AIMS Radio Traffic Software provides comprehensive station 'clock' configuration with inventory definition and integrated management of available airtime, across unlimited break type categories. Network services across stations and brands are fully supported, with automated break optimisation and transmission balancing.

AIMS Radio Traffic Software encompasses dynamic two-way integration with studio audio management and broadcast play-out systems, for full-loop compliance, receiving actual broadcast times back and achieving immediate feedback to the industry.

Full and detailed broadcast history is retained and summarised for comparison against planned delivery, for low level statistical analysis and, in the case of J-ET traded campaigns, immediately feedback to the industry.

Other AIMS Radio Traffic Software features include:

  • AIMS Gateway, the single communication engine with external systems
  • Automated campaign under/over delivery exception handling
  • Intelligent automation of mid-campaign amendments & cancellations
  • Audio allocation, management and PRS reporting
  • Full user, group, and role security for menu & function access
  • Fast, flexible, colour-coded scheduling screens
  • Invoice consolidation & client delivery tracking
  • AIMS Revenue, the comprehensive real-time reporting suite

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