Radio Planning Software / Radio Scheduling

Our sales campaign management system offers an intelligent solution to preparing and delivering radio advertising campaigns across all business revenue streams.

Our 'campaign manager' facility controls proposal generation which can include any combination of standard airtime, sponsorship and promotion, creative, online, podcast, Newslink ©, chart show or off-air activity.

AIMS Radio Planning Software supports full integration with J-ET, the industry's trading website, and Templa are an active member of the industry's IT technical forum that promotes software solutions across radio business.

Agencies or advertisers may purchase airtime on a cost per thousand basis, where the system adopts the industry's gold-standard for RAJAR audience calculations. Alternatively, campaign rate card pricing per spot is provided, for example in the local market. Pricing may be flexed using dynamic adjustment based on sell-out, optimising the revenue for each stations' inventory.

The uniquely integrated workflow engine communicates management exceptions through the business to decision makers, with automated escalation, absence cover, version control and audit facilities, all integral to promote a paperless environment.

AIMS Radio Planning operates standalone or with real-time integration to AIMS Radio Traffic which ensures dynamic fulfilment and accountability of campaign delivery is visible throughout the business. Other traffic solutions can be integrated too.

AIMS Radio Planning operates standalone or with real-time integration to AIMS Radio Finance which ensures customer status, outstanding debt and unbilled revenue commitments are fully known by the system and its users. Other finance solutions can be integrated too.

Other AIMS Radio Planning Software features include:

  • AIMS Gateway, the single communication engine with external systems
  • Campaign pre-checking, booking, renegotiation & cancellation
  • Campaign & account types, unlimited revenue categorisation
  • Sales management structure for teams & execs
  • User defined exception management with workflow rules & routing
  • Full user, group, and role security for menu & function access
  • Fast, flexible, colour-coded planning screens
  • Instant audience impact & reach figures calculation
  • Multi station, agency, advertiser rate card support AIMS Revenue, the comprehensive real-time reporting suite

If you have any questions or would like to see AIMS Planning please contact us on 01732 832888 or click here.