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NViro Benefit from Templa-CMS

NViro are a leading contract cleaning business based in Portsmouth, with a broad list of clients across London and the South of England. The company offers tailor made contract cleaning solutions to more than 200 public and private sector organisations covering 500 sites.

Brian Warren, NViro's Managing and Finance Director, says:"Preparing our 10-year business plan required us to take stock of our technology. We'd enjoyed many years with our current provider, but had now outgrown their software. We have met Templa at an opportune time in their product development and very early on have formed an excellent business relationship. Their software solution ticks all the boxes that we had been looking for in a single system."

Templa-CMS has website delivered key benefits to NViro.

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Primedia Broadcasting with AIMS

Primedia Broadcasting are South Africa's largest privately owned radio group, operating four highly prestigious regional radio stations across the country. Since 1996, Primedia have enjoyed a successful relationship with Templa, with full implementation of the integrated AIMS Traffic & Finance solutions. In 2007, ever mindful of their market leading position, Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Till, led the project that has completely changed the way the group undertakes selling.

"The interaction with our clients at the buying stage, whilst run effectively, was historically managed through manual offline pricing and inventory control. To grow our bottom line and optimise each station's yield, we talked to Templa about how AIMS Planning would help us achieve efficiencies and contribute to this goal.

Templa worked closely with us understanding and delivering the unique rate card sales process we use in the SA marketplace, to fully encompass both standard airtime and S&P campaigns. With dynamic rate card pricing, we are seeing the significant addition of Rands to our revenues. At the same time we now have the advantage of integrated traffic and financial control, which has meant our sales admin team has become lean and mean"

Millards Cleaning Services with templa-cms

When Managing Director, John Booth, reviewed Millards existing legacy system he identified a number of shortcomings. "We wanted to improve the efficiency of our systems and have a "one touch solution" which incorporated our whole business, not just accounts. We were keeping bits of information about contracts, customers and employees in all sorts of systems which caused all sorts of problems."

After evaluating many other offerings in the accounting and contract marketplace, from Sage to CleanLink he realised that only Templa-CMS provided one solution for the whole business.

To find out more please go to the dedicated TemplaCMS.co.uk website.